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It can be quite straightforward to dream up a plan for your unused pig sheds or barns, or for the rough land at the back of your property that you haven’t farmed for years, but actually realising and developing your plan can be daunting.

If you are not sure how to progress with your ideas or need some more help on some aspects of them, then you may benefit from the advice, support and training that is available – if you know where to go. The links below will take you to sections that will direct you to various organisations and companies that exist to help you with your questions.

Training & IT Buildings Statutory Bodies Environment
Farming is a time consuming job, but sometimes you may need to catch up with new technologies, or simply acquire new skills to run your business more efficiently You have buildings, barns or sheds that you no longer use and that will simply deteriorate if you continue to do nothing with them. Here are some of the organisations that can help transform the old dairy into a holiday cottage. We are all well aware of them, but we may not know where they are based or their contact details. If we want to speak to the Planning or Economic Development Department, where do we go? Perhaps the largest group of organisations is that which advises and provides support with environmental projects. Sustainability and concern for the eco system is closely associated with farming and as such projects that promote these principles are often the next logical step for a farmer.
Tourism Renewable Energy Business Support Groups
The tourism industry is expanding in the UK and farmers are in many ways in a good position to benefit from this. Whether through passing trade at farm shops, increased trade at farmers markets, full occupancy in their holiday cottages or high demand for their new recreational facilities, farmers can make the most of the increasingly important tourist industry in Norfolk. There are often other uses for crops besides their use in food or fodder. Miscanthus, coppice, vegetable oils or straw are often used as alternative energy sources. Wind energy and solar power are also potential areas farmers may wish to expand into. Although farmers obviously already have business experience, there may be aspects of business outside of farming or in food or other rural activities they are less sure of. There are a number of organisations that can assist with understanding a new market, developing new skills or marketing a value added product. Surviving in the farming industry today can be a challenge. The networks of organisations and agencies that work within the sector can be a crucial source of support. Whether looking for similar groups of producers, potential trading contacts, advice or an understanding or sympathetic ear, this section could help direct you.