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Below are some examples of areas farmers may, and indeed have, diversified and extended into. Our advisers have been involved in a number of these and more details can be seen by following the links.

Tourism Crops Value Added
* Activity holidays
* Farm Tourism and Visitor Center
* Holiday Cottages
* Leisure, Sport and Recreational Facilities
* Time Share Facilities
* Crops
* Organic Conversion and Appraisal
* Renewable Energy
* Vermiculture
* Crop Processing
* Processing Facilities
* Woodland and Forestry
Buildings Environment Farming Extension
* Childrens Nurseries
* Education Centers
* Equestrian Businesses
* Residential and Office Accommodation
* Wedding Receptions
* Workshops and Commercial Units
* Environmental Projects
* Fishing Lake
* Renewable Energy Sources
* Reservoirs
* Marketing Schemes (direct, wholesale and internet)
* Retail Nursery
* Trading with other agricultural businesses