About Us

Rural Advice, a specialised organisation under the Warm Home Britain Group, is dedicated to facilitating ECO funding initiatives in rural areas since its founding in 2015. Focused on enhancing energy efficiency in farms and homes through insulation, heating, and renewable upgrades, our team of experts strives to implement cutting-edge techniques that result in substantial long-term savings on utility bills. Our journey began when our directors, inspired by their personal connection to rural living in the North Yorkshire Moors, discovered ECO funding. This discovery fuelled a mission to transform the energy landscape for off-gas properties and a commitment to raising awareness about these opportunities. Founded with the aim of assisting those in poorly insulated homes, Rural Advice continues to spread the word and provide support to individuals in rural areas, rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

Meet The Team

Andy - Funding Director
Likes: Loose Women and Oasis
Dislikes: The office fish tank
Favourite Hobbies: Looking at Clouds
Favourite holiday destination: Disneyland
Party Trick: Kicking off that no one will go out with him then going home at 8pm
Dan - Company Director
Likes: Reading, Binging TV Series, All Sports
Dislikes: Love Island, anything made after 1999.
Favourite Hobbies: Quizzes, Travel
Favourite holiday destination: Spain
Party Trick: General Knowledge of Everything
Cal - Operations Manager
Likes: Walking Loki on the beach, F1, and watching the mighty Boro!
Dislikes: 21 Pilots and Nothing But Thieves
Favourite Hobbies: Watching sport, playing golf, walking the dog
Favourite holiday destination: Costa Brava in Spain
Party Trick: Can down a pint in under 3 seconds
Gel - Funding Manager
Likes: Pizza, wine, dogs
Dislikes: Olives, bullying, people who don’t like dogs
Favourite Hobbies: Swimming, reading and walking the dog
Favourite holiday destination: Las Vegas
Party Trick: Explaining the offside rule with sambuca shots
Matt - Media Manager
Likes: Reading, Binging TV Series, All Football, Eating and his cat Loki
Dislikes: Inter Milan
Favourite Hobbies: Shooting content, Running and Falling into conspiracy rabbit holes
Favourite holiday destination: Italy
Party Trick: Can name almost any film from a still image of the scene
Tom - Funding Manager
Likes: Socialising with family and friends, playing darts and ensuring my little brother is the next Luke Littler
Dislikes: Tomatoes
Favourite Hobbies: Supporting the mighty Middlesbrough, long walks, having a pint or 3 at the weekend
Favourite holiday destination: NYC
Party Trick: Taller than 99.897% of people in the world
Honey - Head Of Security
Likes: Walkies, chewing random objects, treats
Dislikes: Traveling by car and wearing a harness
Favourite Hobbies: Chewing everything and anything
Favourite holiday destination: Beach
Party Trick: Getting away with murder because she is so cute
Loki - Office Scavenger
Likes: Coming to the office, Gel & Claire, chasing a ball
Dislikes:The postman, Amazon delivery guys and baths
Favourite Hobbies: Stealing socks, swimming in the sea and digging in the sand
Favourite holiday destination: Lake District
Party Trick: Can destroy any fluffy toy in minutes