Boiler Installation

It is recommended to use renewable heating systems like an air source heat pump whenever possible. However, sometimes, property limitations make this option unavailable. In such cases, a boiler upgrade may be considered based on certain conditions. It is important to note that boiler upgrades are unavailable for Oil and LPG under the latest government guidelines. This is due to the government’s focus on promoting environmentally friendly heating alternatives. The most recent advancements in mains gas boilers offer numerous benefits, including cost savings and reduced environmental impact. These upgrades can help optimise your boiler’s performance, resulting in improved efficiency and lower energy consumption. Implementing these upgrades allows you to enjoy significant financial savings while contributing to a more sustainable future.

The below table shows the savings generated from a Mains Gas boiler upgrade.

Investing in a new boiler means investing in reliability and longevity, as these models are built to last, minimizing breakdowns and the need for frequent repairs, leading to consistent long-term savings. Furthermore, an energy-efficient boiler enhances your property’s value, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers appreciating the latest in energy-saving technology. Make the smart choice for your home, combining warmth, efficiency, and financial benefits!