Cavity Wall Insulation

It’s worth knowing that most properties constructed in the last century tend to have cavity walls consisting of two layers of brick with a narrow gap in between. However, if the cavity has not been filled, it can result in significant heat loss from your house, depending on the surface area of your walls. You can easily determine if your cavity has been filled or not by looking for small drill holes in the wall, which are made to fill it up. Our technical team uses polystyrene beads exclusively for cavity wall insulation, as it is considered the most effective way to prevent heat from escaping through your walls.

The below table shows the savings generated from Cavity Wall Insulation.

Property Energy bill savings
Detached house £485year
Semi-detached house £280/year
Mid-terrace house £165/year
Detached bungalow £210/year
Mid-floor flat £135/year

Figures in accordance with the Energy Savings Trust