The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, a UK government-backed initiative introduced in 2013, aims to enhance the energy efficiency of homes throughout the country.
As part of the ECO initiative, energy suppliers are mandated to implement cost-effective energy-saving solutions in some of the UK’s most vulnerable properties, ensuring affordability for eligible homeowners.
These solutions encompass a range of measures such as insulation, heat pumps, boiler replacements, and solar panels.
Since its inception in 2013, the ECO scheme has successfully implemented over 3.6 million energy-efficient measures in more than 2.4 million homes across the UK, with wall insulation being a prevalent benefit.
Government statistics indicate substantial lifetime bill savings, amounting to nearly £20 billion, attributed to the success of the ECO scheme.
As of 2023, five ECO schemes have been introduced, with ECO4 currently in operation, ensuring ongoing support for homeowners seeking energy-efficient improvements. Explore the benefits of the ECO scheme and discover ways in which we can help improve your home’s energy efficiency.