Room in Roof Insulation

Did you know that a significant amount of heat can be lost through the roof of an uninsulated property? This can result in higher fuel bills for households. Fortunately, there is a solution – Room in Roof insulation. Installing this type of insulation in your loft can keep the room warm and reduce energy costs. There are three types of Room in Roof insulation to choose from: Loft Room Insulation, Dormer Roof Insulation, and Attic Room Insulation. The installation involves over-boarding the sloping ceilings with insulation boards, which are then plastered and skimmed for a smooth finish.

The below table shows the savings generated from Room in Roof Insulation:

Property Energy bill savings
Detached house £445year
Semi-detached house £270/year
Mid-terrace house £240/year
Detached bungalow £440/year

Figures in accordance with the Energy Savings Trust